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Welcome to! Botanivor is a RN consulting business that is dedicated to improving health through assessment and education on disease process, diagnostic studies and lab results. Medication education is also part of what we do. We pool registered nurses from every specialty for a custom consultation and are available by phone for a nominal charge.

Many people who we consult for have a loved one in an acute care facility or a skilled nursing facility and have questions about the care of their loved ones or themselves. We can help provide the education that is lacking or unclear, often because of time restraints on health care providers. ​​Nutrition education and lifestyle education is always included to provide the best outcomes for overall health improvement. Each of our nurses is registered in the state of California and are among the best in their field. You can tell right away that you are speaking to a knowledgeable professional in their field.

An average assessment includes collecting data from the client about physical and medication history. This information is confidential and is not shared with anyone other than the primary consulting RN and any other registered nurse consulting on the case as required by HIPAA Privacy Rule. This information is used to assess general health so that we can provide the best recommendations and education suitable for each client.

This consultation is free of charge in the event that our registered nurses are unable to assist a client based on a lack of fundamental understanding of a particular diagnosis or if a particular case exceeds the boundaries of our capabilities to adequately assist the client. We are dutifully bound to our oath of integrity to work within the scope of our licenses and provide you with the highest quality consultation available by a professional healthcare advocate. has a mission to provide quality assessments and education to assist the private healthcare consumers make an educated healthcare decision that will ensure the best outcomes possible for our clients.

Our specialty areas of nursing include but are not limited to the following areas of expertise:

- Medical Surgical​
​- Chemical Dependency
​​​​​- Psychiatric and Behavioral
- Orthopedic Surgical
- Neurological

and as we obtain new talented specialty RN's, ​​​​the list grows.